Arrange Flower In Barrel Planters

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Barrel Planters Bottom

Barrel planters – Barrels of wine are not only used to store the liquid, but other liquors like brandy and whiskey. When cut in half, the “means barrels” are popular potted gardens. Whether standing with flowers coming out the top or side positions to give the appearance that the flowers spilling out, to make such a nice pot does not require being professional. If you have planted flowers in a pot before you can do it in a wine barrel.

Buy half barrel planters of new or used wine. You can get them at garden stores or home improvement during the growing season. They can also be obtained by internet. Determine if you want to stop or stay the pot and set it aside anywhere to stay. Add ground will make it too heavy to load, but use a wheeled base lets you carry it after you’re done.

Barrel planters seven or eight holes drilled in the bottom of the pot for drainage using a standard drill. If you plan to leave the barrel aside, make holes in the side that will be facing the floor. It covers the inside of the bottom, or the side pierced with screen or mesh to keep the land in and bugs out.

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