Buddha Garden Statue

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Buddha Garden Statue50 years ago, a law professor chose Bounlua Suita locations along the Mekong, the capital, Vientiane (Laos) Less than 25km eastward to perform works with the technology thuat.Cong mélange Hinduism, Buddhism language teaching sculpture, forming a complex called Watt Buddha Xiengkuane, who lives known as “Buddha Park” Not far away the Nona Khaki province of Thailand, this magician performing

buddha garden statue a ” Buddha Park “Monday called Watt complex Cheek scale tall objects, monumental than just a material for cement, brick and steel. The works in the garden Buddha statue is reflected in the decade 1950 – 1960; the period of Indochina war was most fierce in the period. The works of the hidden therein Bounlua slew of people, of the times, so that righteous

Buddhist deities cannot enter the peaceful stillness in her garden two, but all such turmoil , powerless, surge many different emotions expressed through ever larger statue nho.Bounlua not a Monk. In real life, he does not shave their heads; do not wear robes, often wears a white dress looks like a magician. Legend has it that he was well versed in Hindu philosophy, Buddhism, mythology, symbolism Bounlua  Buddha garden statue

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