Bullet planter

Apr 11th
Bullet planter pool
Bullet planter pool

Bullet planterThe picture you see is a touching scene desire peace, a Palestinian woman in the village of Bolin, near the Palestinian state (de facto capital of Ramallah), planted a garden full of flowers are grown inside of the shell tear gas collected from the clashes between the Israeli and Palestinian soldiers. The flowers are cultivated on a parcel of land in the area was regained by Palestinians two years ago in a battle build security wall Israel’s controversial. This wall, if completed, will last for 430 miles around the entire area of ​​the West Bank.

Due to the high Bullet planter tension and frequent clashes between Israelis and Palestinians, she no lack of material for the small flower pot that’s the bombshell. Some of them even grenades wired so they can be attached to the fence or other objects.

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The Bullet planter use of powerful weapons in a region where many people on both sides were tired of violent conflict seems to never end. Indeed, the creative human spirit shines despite the conflict on both sides of every rao.Chung I can only hope that the leaders of the two countries come to a peace agreement as soon as possible.

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