Decorating Ideas For A Trough Planters

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Decoration Trough Planters Image

Step out of the box and enjoy some new ideas for decorating a trough planters. Use a standard trough planters in a variety of interesting ways, and impress your guests. Planters wall, designed to hold a plant and soil generally, to keep water from escaping, usually behind the overflow and foliage color, flowering plants. However, playing with some unusual designs and pushing the envelope (creative) a little further. After experimenting with some imaginative ways to use a trough planters for decoration, guests conversations flow.

Due to its Normal water resistant, trough planterss also work as design vases. Fill a pot with a long, fresh, seasonal stems of lilies, tulips or roses.  If you are one of those people who can not bear to see newspapers, magazines or e accumulated in the counters or desk all week, try this organizational trick. Secure a large trough planters for newspapers or magazines, or a small trough planters for mail, in an ideal location. For email, you may want to place the pot on the desk or table height near your desk or table entry. For newspapers and magazines, you may want to have a hand planter your favorite reading chair. Roll newspapers or magazines to make them fit perfectly into the pot, if necessary.

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