DIY To Build Window Herb Garden

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New Window Herb Garden

For those who live in an apartment and have poor soil conditions or concrete patios, they can create a creative and beautiful farmland using a simple gardener. A land filled with rich and fertile and planted with herbs and suitable containers for growing vegetables, homeowners can successfully create an urban farm. Consider installing several cases, especially in the windows of the kitchen to keep the plants nearby. Avoid overcrowding of plants using a planter for window herb garden and two or three more for vegetables.

Align the top holes in the mounting brackets with the pencil mark on the right side of the window herb garden. Place a countersink bit combination in a cordless drill. Drilling through the hole to create a pilot hole for the screws, prior recommended. Place a Phillips screwdriver bit in the drill. Drilling a screw cover 7.62 cm across the top of the mounting bore in the outer wall of the house.

Use a level to make sure that the brackets are level before tightening the screws in the lower holes. This time piercing through the bottom holes in each bracket. Use a level to check that everyone is straight, both vertically and horizontally. Adjusts the empty box on the mounted supports of window herb garden.

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