Garden Stepping Stones

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Garden Stepping Stones Pool

Garden Stepping StonesSlate trace a detour to the seating area, which can accommodate a table or a yoga mat. A small tree provided shade and perspective. In front of the chairs a water element of your choice – whether a small fountain or bowl of water beautiful – became a focal point.

Also there stands a large rock, a meditative art objects can be replaced. Candle lanterns or solar lights garden lights for evening visits. And from the outside, different height of the bamboo fence for a quality meditation garden garden stepping stones sculpture.

Plan garden stepping stones simple planting, using native plants low-maintenance, including grass and perennial herbs, shrubs, plus an interest in winter. Let replaced, where hardy, invasive of exotic herbs not like lavender, sage or rosemary for perennial herbs. Thyme will make a wonderful fragrant groundcover in cold regions such as USDA Zone 5. Other plants may be appropriate, but certainly not to plant any invasive alien species.

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