How to Judge the Quality of Ceramic Garden Stool

May 10th
White Ceramic Garden Stool
White Ceramic Garden Stool

Ceramic garden stool are decorative pieces of furniture that you can use in a number of ways. They are often used as traditional park benches, but can also be used as end tables or even presented as works of art. Colorful and sometimes intricately designed, they add a touch of distinctive style to any space. Carefully study your stool ceramic garden before buying it to make sure you are getting a high-quality piece.

Directions to judge the quality of ceramic garden stool: examine it carefully for cracks and chips. Look for a smooth, even enamel. Spots and lumps indicate a process rushed and mean a lower quality stool. A consistent finish it and Intricate designs is a mark of a high quality stool. Feel the edges of the holes. High quality ceramic benches have holes that allow gases to escape during the firing process. The edges of the holes should be smooth to the touch, not rough and irregular.

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Consider the form of the stool. Most standard ceramic garden benches are barrel-shaped; some are shaped like animals and are highly collectible. Lift the stool. High quality ceramic garden stool is thick and heavy, and they are sturdier enough to sit.

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