How to Make Cedar Planters

Apr 22nd
Spring Cedar Planters
Spring Cedar Planters

Make cedar planters, you can use an octagonal planter as a focal point within the overall landscape of your outdoor space. First, cut an angle of 67-1 / 2 degrees at each end of the eight cedar using a miter box and handsaw. The angles must be in one of 30 cm by 61 cm (12 inches by 24 inches) from the edge of each plate. A 30 cm by 61 cm (12 inches by 24 inches) from the edge of each plate measured 61 cm (24 inches) long. Opposite the miter edge will be shorter.

Place the eight tables, along with the miter face to create an cedar planters shape. 30 cm by 61 cm (12 inches by 24 inches) parts should be flat on the work surface. The angles will fit together to create the eight angles of 135 degrees that make up the interior angles of an cedar planters. Drive four evenly spaced stainless steel screws through the outside of a plate on the end of the table adjacent to each of the eight joints around the container, using a screw gun. This will keep the boards tightly together to create the sides of the pot. Place the pot in the desired location in space outdoors.

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