How to Make Molds for Concrete Garden Bench

Jun 23rd
concrete garden bench cool half circle
concrete garden bench cool half circle

Concrete garden bench, place a garden bench in your backyard to create a nice place to rest, enjoying the splendor of your garden. The bank may be decorated with stones, beads or shells to create a decorative structure for your yard. Although the idea of ​​creating your own white be scary, such a creation come out much cheaper than a purchased bank, building in a short time using sand and concrete.

Talking about concrete garden bench, you have to follow these directions. The first step is that please put 10 kg of sand on the canvas, making a stack of 20 x 45 x 100 cm. If the sand is too dry and not stay in place, add a cup of water and mix with your hands. Then, the second step is please Draw the shape of the seat cushion on top of the pile of sand, using your finger. When satisfied with the bank format, dig a rectangle on the stack with 7 cm deep by 30 wide and 90 cm long. Smooth the sand walls of the rectangle using the hands or mason’s trowel.

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After that, for the third step is that you have to prepare a batch of 2.5 kg of concrete mix in a 20 L bucket, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Add enough water to get a consistency of pudding. Stir until the concrete is smooth. Then, the fourth step is, pour the prepared concrete on the sand mold and smooth the surface with a mason’s trowel. Next, the fifth step is, allow the concrete to sit for 72 hours. Remove the top of the sand concrete bench. Wash it with a hose to remove the remaining sand. And the last step is, let the concrete dry for another 72 hours. Secure the bank ready in a purchased support. OK, that’s all about concrete garden bench that can I share this time. Thank you.

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