Make a Corner Bookshelf with an Old Door

Apr 26th
Solid corner bookshelf
Solid corner bookshelf

There are places within a home that love that inspire, that make you feel fulfilled, and today we bring an idea to build one of those corner bookshelf. This corner we bring what we can all do not need to spend a single drive. To realize this project we just need an old door that can get in any dumpster in city. The idea is simple, it comes from the door in half vertically, then the two pieces come together at an angle of 90 degrees, the angle should be anywhere in a house. But before you do all that, first paint the door or not, it’s up to each. In this case the door painted blue, and once dry began making corner bookshelf.

They placed the two pieces in the corner at an angle of 90 degrees and put a cut as shelves that fit right into the hole. All this is bolted to the rack is stable and durable. Once all screwed, that’s it, we have our inspirational corner, a corner that love when you see it. For those who want to know how to do this corner bookshelf with a recycled door step, you can visit the author’s blog here.

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