Making a Vertical Succulent Garden

Apr 14th
Vertical Succulent Garden Wallpaper
Vertical Succulent Garden Wallpaper

The succulent plants grow in a variety of shapes, sizes and habits. Succulent climbers, group or that have a vertical growth habit all combined create a visually interesting and enjoyable exhibition. Vertical succulent garden are plants with flowers. The thick creeping stems sedum donkey look like green dreadlocks with flowers colored pink at the tips.  Choose a sunny location outdoors with a minimum of 0.092 m2 square of flat land. Hammers rebar into the soil to a depth of 0.4572 m in the center of the chosen point. Place the pot 30 cm in the rebar through the drain hole, leaving it seated on the floor. Put a layer of 7 cm of gravel in the bottom of the pot. Two-thirds full with potting medium.

Place the pot 25 cm on the 30 cm, passing the rod through the drain hole, seating it in the potting medium within 30 cm. Tilt the pot until the inside edge rests against the rebar. Place enough gravel in the bottom to just cover the drain hole. Two-thirds full with potting medium, leveling horizontally through the ground for vertical succulent garden. Spend the pot 20 cm through the rebar. Place it in the bottom of the rim of the pot 25 cm below it, not inside it.

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