Making Bar with Whiskey Barrel Planters

Jun 17th
Magnificent Whiskey Barrel Planters Ideas
Magnificent Whiskey Barrel Planters Ideas

Barrels of wine and whiskey, once emptied, can be used in a wide range of applications from stored grain on farms to duplicate as rustic pots for your garden. With a little creativity, you can also make a couple of whiskey barrel planters for bar exterior to serve food and drinks during meals outdoors on nice days.  Place two empty barrels of whiskey next to each other. Leave a space between 1.5 m away. Each barrel filled with 22.5 kg of sand. You can also use gravel, rocks or anything to do with weight on the barrels.

Place a wooden door unfinished horizontally on the whiskey barrel planters. The door must be free of hinges, latches or anything else. Ideally, this should be a door that has not been completed or pierced, but you can use a finished in place and simply removed door hinges and latches the piece of wood.

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Single screw screwed 12.7 cm on either end of the door and in the upper parts of the whiskey barrel planters. This will only penetrate the top of the barrels, but still make sure the top of your rod in place. Spread a sheet of Formica, granite or marble on the surface of the door. Stone blades are heavy, so have a friend help you.

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