Type Of Ceramic Planter Pots

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Best Ceramic Planter Pots Decor

Type of ceramic planter pots – When shopping for ceramic planters, either online or in stores; it is useful to know the names of the different varieties of planter. What you call a pot it depends on how you have your oven baked and glazed pottery as well as its size, shape and function.

The type of pots classified as “ceramic” varies among experts. The names of the ceramic planter pots can vary depending on where it will be used. Planters with bases small enough to sit on a shelf may include specialty items such as window boxes. Wall styles are often called the wall pockets. Hanging planters can be called by the way, such as hoods or hanging baskets. Urns and dishes work well near the front entry.

A number of ceramic planter pots are designed to be used for the cultivation of specific plants. Strawberry jars, which can be glazed terracotta or ceramic, with pockets of plantation is open its entire external-shaped urn. Pots of orchids have outer holes for root aeration; or pots of African violets, which have smaller plates planting holes in a slightly larger pot to allow watering from the bottom up.

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