Using Gutters and Window Planter Boxes

May 11th
Exterior Window Planter Boxes
Exterior Window Planter Boxes

Use gutters as planters add a nice flow to the lines of the house and a consistency in style. Wide gutters hold more plants, but select them based on the style of existing gutters for balance. The gutters are a perfect and lasting solution to planters because they are made ​​to withstand constant moisture and extreme temperatures. Measure the width of the window planter boxes. Measure the distance from the end of the gutter and mark with a pencil. Cut the gutter with scissors or with fine-toothed saw in the line for the gutter width.

Place tops the gutter. Cut the end of the caulk tube at an angle and apply a thin bead of caulk the seam between the tops and edges of the gutter. A drain hole drilled every 5 to 7.6 cm through the bottom toward the front of the gutter. Locate the drain holes in the front of the gutter so that water will not seep run around the house for window planter boxes.

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Drill a pilot hole at each end on the back of the gutter, spaced far enough from the edge to the washer to fit between the guide hole and the end cap. Additional guide drilled holes every 10.1 to 15.2 cm through the back of the rain gutter and window planter boxes.

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